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Jet Oral Floss

Jet Oral Floss

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Clean your teeth with ease using Jet Oral Floss. Our innovative design uses powerful water pressure to remove plaque and food particles. Say goodbye to traditional floss and hello to healthier teeth and gums. Keep your smile bright and your mouth feeling fresh.

Clean teeth Achieve a healthier smile with Jet powered water. Removing  up to 99.9% of  food plaque and bacteria with each use.

Removable water tank Jet Oral Floss features a removable water tank for easy refilling and cleaning. This added convenience ensures a thorough and efficient oral hygiene routine, promoting healthier gums and teeth.

360° rotating nozzle This Jet Oral floss for teeth achieves multi-directional cleaning of the oral cavity and helps to clean more thoroughly. Uses a combination of water pressure and pulsation to clean deep between teeth and under the gum line where normal floss cannot reach.

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